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Learn more or get involved with these non-profit organizations and government agencies dedicated to supporting women and serving our communities.

Women are increasingly serving in leadership roles which not only benefits society, but it’s also good for business. Celebrating successful and confident female leaders helps set the stage for future generations of women.

The number of active-duty women in the military has increased drastically, but half say they’re struggling with re-entry. By supporting women during and following their service, we can pave the way for more female American heroes.

Women today vote at higher rates than men, but less than 25% of elected officials in Congress are female. Let’s honor the legacy of those who bravely fought for equality and continue to promote a more fair and just society where every woman’s voice is heard.

Media impacts the way women and girls see themselves, yet the average depiction in the media today is not representative of the female population. By celebrating diversity and portraying women honestly, we can help inspire women to reach their potential.

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are expected to be the most gender-balanced yet. Sports help build confidence, leadership skills, and collaboration. From traditional team sports to hiking outdoors, there are countless ways to tap into your inner athlete.

While women have historically made significant contributions in science, technology, engineering and math, the lack of gender diversity in STEM fields is still an issue. By encouraging girls to pursue science careers, we will help build a pipeline for future women in STEM.